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Study Shows Healthy Seniors Benefit from Hardcore Exercise


In the Chinese capital senior citizens shatter the stigma of old and frail. I have nothing to do since retirement, so I just come here and exercise.Yu Songwang is a retired farmer, he’s one of hundreds of older adults stretching and working out at Temple of Heaven in Beijing.I do not stay at home, because there is nothing to do.I swim for one hour at the gym then I work my mustles and then billiards, whatever makes me happy.Researchers say previous thinking that exercises too taxing on seniors bodies even those who are relatively healthy is outdated thinking.By far the best strategy to protect against disease and age comorbidities is to adopt regular exercise.Resistance training leads to increased muscle mass and bone density, both important for the well-being of aging bodies, Dr. Leigh Breen from the University of Birmingham.We set out to understand whether individuals who’ve been highly active for all their lives or master athletes as we call them,whether their muscles responded any better to a single bout of resistance type exercise compared to your average Joe or your sedentary older person. And what we found was that their muscles responded identically to this battle of resistance exercise.


He says people in their fifties and sixties should structure two or three days each week for strength training. We saw about a 20 percent increase in the muscle building response to resistance training and that was fairly consistent across all of our older untrained individuals in this city.Breen says a gym membership is great but that even bodyweight exercises reap benefits for seniors they studied. The children have grown up, my grandchild has already gone to school. I’m over 80 now. What can I do? I just exercise and try not to trouble my children.The Birmingham study looked at 15 men between 65 and 80 years old. Breen says the University plans a separate study for women later this year.


Arash Arabasadi VOA News Washington.

美国之音,Arash Arabasadi,华盛顿报道。